Antonia - 26/02/16 Private student - Jan 2014 to present:

I would highly recommend Amanda . I have been learning with her for two years. She is an extremely skilled teacher . She is patient,kind, diligent, determined and very encouraging .I look forward to our regular lessons. Antonia

Jane 22/01/16 Elwood community centre – 2015: 

"I am very pleased to have found Amanda Burton's Frenchly Speaking. Amanda is an entertaining, encouraging and engaging teacher who understands her students, gently urging them on to better conversation and reading in French. I found that in just 2 terms I am able to understand so much now that I can watch the French news and get a real sense of what the reporters are talking about. I like the small group approach also."

Bryony & Damien 14/01/16 Elwood community centre - 2014 to present: 

“Learning French has been a fantastic and fulfilling experience. Amanda takes a holistic approach, introducing vocabulary and grammar within a conversational setting. She adapts her lessons according the ability and interests of her students, which makes learning French easy and interesting. My partner and I look forward to our weekly catch up with Amanda and our fellow students; learning to speak another language has never been so much fun!”

Sue 10/01/16 Elwood community centre – 2014-15: 

“I found in the time I spent studying French with Amanda my love of the language was ignited; the classes encouraged me to aspire to understand and converse in French to the best of my ability. I do not attend the classes anymore as I moved to the country however, I have picked up on other local classes which made me realise how lucky I was to have found Amanda as I consider without Amanda's initial teaching I would not have such an excellent grounding to continue with French”

Katia 01/01/16 Elwood community centre - 2015 to present: 

"The Beginner's lessons with Amanda were incredibly helpful, focusing on listening and speaking. It's the easiest way to engage with the language and I found Amanda patient, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable. I'll be back in Term 2."

Maria 30/12/15 Elwood community centre - 2015 to present: 

«  Les leçons de français cette année étaient merveilleux!  J'ai appris beaucoup de vocabulaire et plus d'assurance avec la conversation française. Je crois que vous êtes un professeur extraordinaire! Merci! »

Joan - 23/12/15 Elwood community centre - 2015 to present: 

“The French classes were amazing this year”

Allys - 21/12/15 Elwood community centre - 2015 to present: 

“Finding "Frenchly Speaking" has been a joy. I have been wanting to brush up my French for many years and Amanda provides a creative and supportive learning environment.

Students are well matched and our conversations are great fun. We are encouraged to speak about pretty much anything and our mistakes are very gently and humorously corrected.

The balance between formal grammar, reading and conversing is perfect. I so look forward to beginning again next year and haven't enjoyed learning so much for a long time.

Allys Andrews – Bentleigh”

Liz -21/12/15 Elwood community centre - 2015 to present: 

“It has taken me a long time to have the courage to pick up French.  Your classes are interesting with a wonderful mix of activities and much as I would like to avoid it … grammar. I especially enjoy challenging myself with the little pieces of news that we present. It has helped with my vocabulary and pronunciation. 

The more recent exercise of chocolate recipes was fun, but also really practical helping with some of the day to day vocabulary that we might use. I enjoy working in a group as I find that it is full of surprises and your feedback during the classes and also the work you have written for the week on our discussions useful.

I very much look forward to catching up with new classes for 2016”.

Tim - Uni student- Jun-Jul 2013 "Amanda uses an approach to learning that is very effective. The ability  to converse in french no matter the level of experience has its unsurpassed advantages and is something that aided me significantly. I highly recommend Frenchly Speaking as a company to anyone willing to give French a go."



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