Bonjour! Welcome to Frenchly Speaking


Frenchly Speaking offers French lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Amanda Burton, herself fluent in 4 languages, uses a variety of traditional teaching techniques, along with her own innovative approach, to help students realize their dream of speaking French.



Amanda looks forward to sharing her love of ‘Frenchly Speaking, guiding you with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement.





Allys - 21/12/15 Elwood community centre - 2015 to present: 

“Finding "Frenchly Speaking" has been a joy. I have been wanting to brush up my French for many years and Amanda provides a creative and supportive learning environment.

Students are well matched and our conversations are great fun. We are encouraged to speak about pretty much anything and our mistakes are very gently and humorously corrected.

The balance between formal grammar, reading and conversing is perfect. I so look forward to beginning again next year and haven't enjoyed learning so much for a long time.

Allys Andrews – Bentleigh”



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