Bonjour! Welcome to Frenchly Speaking


Frenchly Speaking offers French lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Amanda Burton, herself fluent in 4 languages, uses a variety of traditional teaching techniques, along with her own innovative approach, to help students realize their dream of speaking French.



Amanda looks forward to sharing her love of ‘Frenchly Speaking, guiding you with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement.





Bryony & Damien 14/01/16 Elwood community centre - 2014 to present: 

“Learning French has been a fantastic and fulfilling experience. Amanda takes a holistic approach, introducing vocabulary and grammar within a conversational setting. She adapts her lessons according the ability and interests of her students, which makes learning French easy and interesting. My partner and I look forward to our weekly catch up with Amanda and our fellow students; learning to speak another language has never been so much fun!”



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