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Frenchly Speaking offers French lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Amanda Burton, herself fluent in 4 languages, uses a variety of traditional teaching techniques, along with her own innovative approach, to help students realize their dream of speaking French.



Amanda looks forward to sharing her love of ‘Frenchly Speaking, guiding you with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement.





Liz -21/12/15 Elwood community centre - 2015 to present: 

“It has taken me a long time to have the courage to pick up French.  Your classes are interesting with a wonderful mix of activities and much as I would like to avoid it … grammar. I especially enjoy challenging myself with the little pieces of news that we present. It has helped with my vocabulary and pronunciation. 

The more recent exercise of chocolate recipes was fun, but also really practical helping with some of the day to day vocabulary that we might use. I enjoy working in a group as I find that it is full of surprises and your feedback during the classes and also the work you have written for the week on our discussions useful.

I very much look forward to catching up with new classes for 2016”.



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