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Frenchly Speaking offers French lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Amanda Burton, herself fluent in 4 languages, uses a variety of traditional teaching techniques, along with her own innovative approach, to help students realize their dream of speaking French.



Amanda looks forward to sharing her love of ‘Frenchly Speaking, guiding you with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement.





Sue 10/01/16 Elwood community centre – 2014-15: 

“I found in the time I spent studying French with Amanda my love of the language was ignited; the classes encouraged me to aspire to understand and converse in French to the best of my ability. I do not attend the classes anymore as I moved to the country however, I have picked up on other local classes which made me realise how lucky I was to have found Amanda as I consider without Amanda's initial teaching I would not have such an excellent grounding to continue with French”



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